Hour of Code at Dillard Elementary

Ilan Berkner in front of classroomI’ve been working in the EdTech space for just about a decade, specifically, the K12 market.  Most of that time was spent behind the desk, building software.  The closest I ever got to working with kids using these platforms, was in resolving complex technical issues that teachers or system administrators were having in accessing our products in the classroom.  Occasionally, I would get a direct letter or note from a teacher, or the entire classroom, thanking me, I always appreciated these notes and was grateful that I was able to assist.

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to get involved with one of those very special and unique projects that is a true collaboration between the local business community and the school system: RangerGoodWorks.org.  The brain child of Victoria Ranger, the organization creates a direct link and viable partnership between the business community and in this case, one particular school, Dillard Elementary of Broward county.  The school, Ilan Berkner and Principal Angela Brownled by principal Angela Brown (seen in the picture to the left), has been transformed into a place where volunteers such as myself, truly get to give back, its not just about the money that’s raised, yes that matters, but also our time, as technology professionals where I think the collaboration truly comes to life.

Today, during the hour of code national event, we got to work in the classroom, directly with the kids.  Teams from Time4Learning.com, Citrix.com, RangerTech.com, Nova Southeastern University and other local volunteers engaged in the classroom for about an hour.  This is a golden opportunity for us to work with these amazing kids and get them excited about science, technology and discovery.  I was humbled by their enthusiasm, desire to learn and excitement of doing something new.

I look forward to continue working with the school, the kids and the organizations that support it.

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