Get an extra 2GB for Google Drive and check your security

I like Google Drive and have been using it since its inception.  I use it both personally and professionally.  Let me start by saying that this is not an article about which cloud storage service is better, frankly, I’m agnostic when it comes to this stuff and use most major brands for one reason or another.

In celebration of “Safer Internet Day” 2015 and considering all of the recent (and on-going hacks), Google has come out and made it easy and rewarding for you to check your personal security settings and get 2GB of space for Drive (only personal accounts).  This push by Google relates to an article I wrote a while back about 2 factor authentication and importance of security your data.

Note: You must complete this by February 17, 2015.  Google states that the additional 2GB will show up by Feb. 28.

I’m keeping it short and helpful this time.  There are 2 links you should check out:

Google’s blog post about this promotion and

Your Google Security Settings page


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